I am passionate about helping people create success in their business, and as a social media and digital marketing consultant I've witnessed just how powerful online community can be, especially for business owners.

It was with this in mind that I created my own free online community called, The Biz Studio Community– and I would love it if you would join me (and hundreds of other inspiring business owners) there!

The Biz Studio Community is perfect for you if:

- You’re looking to find a community of entrepreneurs to share ideas with and support.
- You want and need support with your business.
- You’re interested in growing skills and talking about your business openly and honestly.

The Biz Studio Community is a private Facebook Group designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to have support and be supportive, share ideas and inspiration, and celebrate the successes of others!


What separates The Biz StudiO COMMUNITY from other online communities?

Members of The Biz Studio Community are encouraged to participate, share and discuss anything related to business, but it is not a space to solicit or promote yourself or your business. We have fun. We laugh. We make connections.

I love The Biz Studio - it's so positive, encouraging and inviting! Lara does a wonderful job moderating the group - she "gets" the frustrations that plague many of us business owners, and proactively brings those topics to the forefront for discussion. In the short time I've been part of The Biz Studio, I've gained a ton of new knowledge, made some amazing business contacts, and even secured a couple clients. Thanks for all you do, Lara! - Lindsey McCaffrey, Copywriter/Blogger

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by The Biz Studio Community and introduce yourself. We’re a friendly bunch. I promise! :)