There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a client achieve their goals. Lara Wellman and the Biz Studio have been fortunate to watch many clients succeed in a variety of ways. Here are just a few who wanted to share their experiences.

Alex Keenan

Alexandra Keenan

Spice! Leadership & Stage Light Communications

I was part of Lara's "The Big Push" coaching program, and Lara helped me package my services in a way that both fit my clients' needs, and ensured that I would get paid what I'm worth. She is a true cheerleader for her clients, ensuring that they have the support, resources and community they need in order to find fulfillment and financial success in their business.

Pamela George.jpg

Pamela George

Financial Literacy and Credit Counsellor

Working with Lara is one of the best things I could have done for my business. She not only helped me set pricing and business goals, she also helped organize my thoughts around how to operate my business better.  

In addition to her business know-how, she is also approachable. I feel as though I have gained a friend as well as a coach. She is even there when I am having a bad day, which is important because I work alone from home and knowing she is there for me is important. It really helps. 

Our coaching calls are all specific to me and my business, which is great value for my time. Every time we talk she sheds light on things I would not have otherwise thought about or seen that way. Working with Lara has been a game-changer for my business - my business has grown three times the size since working with Lara!

Elizabeth Howell

Lara knows exactly how to take a big business dream and break it down into simple steps to help you achieve it. After a year of working with her, my productivity has soared. I also have more clarity about what I need to do to generate the life I want. Lara is so helpful in making sure that your business supports your lifestyle. She teaches you to make choices to support both your professional and personal goals, including making time for family members, friends and personal commitments such as exercising. Investing in Lara's services will bring you a huge return -- not only financially, but also in terms of life satisfaction.

Marie Shinmoto

M.A.P. Physiotheraphy

Thank you so much for the great planning day.  I enjoyed being challenged in my ideas and I really love the fact that I have concrete tasks to help me move forward.  For the last year and a half I have been feeling overwhelmed and so haven't taken any action but now I have a clear direction and I am very excited for the new year.  Since our meeting I am feeling so much more confident and my partner noticed this so I know it shows.  I hope you know how good you are at what you do.  I appreciate your fantasticness!

jennifer reynolds.png

Jennifer Reynolds

Fresh Legal

Lara has been my business coach for a few years now. During that time, she has consistently challenged me to set goals and figure out how to reach them, and held me accountable for my plans and actions. I appreciate that she does not just ask what I want to do - she challenges me to think about what I really need and why, and how I can get those things. She also took the time to understand who I am and what motivates me before diving into coaching and planning.


Julie Broczkowski

The Magic Fridge

I first met with Lara about a Social Media strategy in June 2011. After asking lots of questions to determine my goals and needs, she provided a comprehensive plan with numerous layers of strategies for implementation. I rolled out the Facebook, Twitter and blog components of the plan starting in September 2011. Within a few weeks, I was gaining Facebook followers at the rate of 5-10 per week. In the last 25 weeks, I have gained close to 200 followers on FB (a gain of 79%) and almost 500 on Twitter (a gain of 43%).  The time required to implement this plan was about 5-10 minutes per weekday plus another 30 minutes per week to prepare a weekly blog post, for a total of about an hour per week.

In that same time frame of 25 weeks, we added eight new clients to our roster, out of 12 requests for consultation. As a comparison, in the first 6 months of 2011, we added three new clients from 4 requests for consultation.  I am very pleased with the effect that this social media strategy has had on my business – especially the large return on a small investment of time on my part. Thanks, Lara!

Susan McDonald

Fitmom Ottawa


When I decided it was time to fine-tune my social media marketing strategy, I asked Lara to help me. I’ve completed a number of one-on-one coaching calls with Lara since January and am very happy I took the plunge.

Having a business background, I was skeptical about how much this would help in my business, but Lara has pushed me to really think about what I’m doing, who I want to engage with and how I’m doing it. She’s held me accountable for my decisions and has been a terrific cheerleader for my successes. Finally, she’s helped me really focus on the social media that matters most in my line of business. The first half of 2015 has been my most successful in five years and I attribute a large part of that success to my work with Lara.

Advocate, Speaker and Bestselling Amanda Jette Knox.jpg

Amanda Jetté Knox

Advocate, Speaker and Bestselling Author of the memoir, Love Lives Here.

Invoicing day is my favourite day!

Ok, not quite. I actually love speaking days and writing days more. But I do remember a time when I thought there was no way I could do work I love this much and actually get paid for it. And then Lara slid into my DMs like "Hey, girl. Did you know what you do has value? Let's lunch." (I might be paraphrasing a bit.)

Thanks, Lara, and everyone in this group, for continuously inspiring the woman who thought she was never "enough" and is now, finally, feeling... dare I say... a bit successful?

But really - thanks.❤

Diane Dauphinais

Diane Dauphinais

Sound of Sleep

 I have been working with Lara since October of 2016 after hearing of the success from another entrepreneur that works with her. During our first coaching call, I instantly felt like I could breathe a little more, began to feel more clarity and knew hat she was not only a great business coach but that she really cared about helping me create a business that I had always dreamed of. After doing the 3 month program I knew that I needed to continue working with her and that I would absolutely reach my dreams for my business and also in having a young family by signing up for her 6 month group coaching program. Before working with her, I really struggled with finding time between family and work (always a challenge when you work from home!). It dawned on me yesterday as I was sitting outside in the sunshine, reading a book, that I was creating the life that I had always envisioned when I began my business. I have become more confident in my business, rediscovered my passion, work the same hours, plus a day or two off during the week, without the stress and have surpassed my revenue goals. With certainty, I would not have achieved this without Lara by my side. She goes over and above with your best interest at heart and pushes you to succeed, without overwhelming you. The best part is that I have the work/life balance that I have always dreamed of! Thank you Lara. From the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful for all that you do!

Monica Alongi

Sure Print & Graphics

My session with Lara made a big difference in how I viewed our social media!  Although we are a printing company, social media is a great way to tie in the print material we send out and engage our customers even further.  Lara gave us useful ways to show our customers all that we do and also share useful information to help keep them on trend with promoting their business.  Her steps made an overwhelming task achievable!


Heather Cameron

Edited Interiors

As a small business owner, I knew I could benefit from social media but I was too intimidated to commit. Lara’s expertise and knowledgeable coaching gave me the confidence to enter the world of blogging and her continuing encouragement has me exploring other social media options. I really appreciate the fact that Lara customizes her consultations to figuring out what I want and need, as opposed to a cookie-cutter how-to.


Rod McInnis

DelphiTech LED Lighting

I was referred to Lara when we wanted to start our social media initiative for DelphiTech Corporation. Out of the candidate contractors we spoke with, Lara provided the clearest picture of what she could do for us when she came for the interview, and had a concise proposal with her that met our budget and time frame. We hired her firm at the end of that interview. We were very pleased with the results she produced and the guidance she gave on what to do and what not to do. This allowed us to quickly have our Facebook page up to coincide with some radio ads we were running.  Furthermore, we weren’t worrying about some of the pitfalls of doing it wrong and having issues with Facebook – her confidence gave us confidence. After the project was completed, she continued to check in on us, providing additional useful tips and advice. Her firm is very much interested in the success of their clients. We intend to use Lara for additional social media consultation in the future. In a sentence, in our first experience with Lara is one where they provided a quality service that was quick, efficient, and priced right for us.

Amanda Spencer

Amanda Spencer


Lara Wellman have been integral to a number of big decisions in my business in the past 6 months. I've worked with Lara in a couple one on one sessions and attended her 2017 Planning Day. She has helped give my business focus very quickly and has guided me through the process of making choices for it based on what I envision and what I want rather than what I thought I needed to do. In a short time I've found a passion for my industry that I thought I had lost and – even more importantly – a deep knowing of my value within it.

Thank you, Lara.

Unbridled Coaching.jpg

Maureen and Marlene

Unbridled Coaching

Wow! Wow! and WOW!! Thank YOU so much for this inspiring day.  Not only did it get Unbridled Coaching in Giddy Up planning mode in advance, it was fantastic to have you as our sage Lead Mare and to go through the Virtual Planning Day with other Women Super Stars.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.34.33 PM.png

Randy Gill

180 Forge Works

Reluctant to step into the world of social media and struggling to appreciate the value it could bring to my business I didn’t have the desire to invest the time & effort required to establish a Facebook presence. After all, I had a web site and I had convinced myself that it was sufficient. Tainted by my past experiences dealing with similar service providers, I was sceptical as to how an engagement would translate to meaningful, tangible and valuable deliverables to me as a business owner. I was concerned that my required involvement would be high and my overall satisfaction would be low. I was bracing for another, and all too familiar, underwhelming experience. 

After an introduction by a friend,  I was first impressed by how efficient Lara was in providing a clear and concise proposal to address my needs. The Facebook page was set up quickly and the graphics provided, with little to no involvement from me, were exceptional. The tutorial sessions, also led by Lara, were professional and armed me with enough know-how to successfully manage my page with confidence. I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying managing my Facebook page and I’m experiencing measurable benefits from my social media presence.  

I can say without reservation that Lara and her associates work to the highest standards in terms of execution, on-going support and overall value.

Sara McConnell

Sara McConnell Photography

Thanks to Lara’s expertise I successfully launched my business in 2010 with a well-received Facebook and Twitter campaign. Her ideas for integrating social media with my business plan were original and garnered a significant amount of attention. Thanks to her insights I was able been able to maintain my social media presence and it was the biggest source of new clients in 2011. 

I also attended her Social Media Strategy workshop and, with her support, was able to put together a 2011-2012 social media plan incorporating multiple platforms (blog, Facebook, Twitter, cross-promotions).  Thanks to the connections I’ve made through the use of social media I continue to expand the services I offer as well as the relationships I’ve developed with my client base and other businesses in Ottawa.